Q: So, being the wonderful boyfriend that I am, I decided to spoil my bae with a Summerheart bikini. I ordered the Delilah Poison because I thought the green would bring out the sparkling emerald of her eyes. Turns out, her eyes are blue. She wants the Delilah Miami. Does Summerheart do exchanges?

 A: Woah, well it looks like we’re about to turn that luck of yours around because, being the wonderful people we are, we offer exchanges on all full-priced items, as long as it’s within 7 days of receipt. Our only condition? All return items must sent in the original condition (hygiene sticker on) and in the original packaging. For more information, check out our returns policy here. Also, guys are the worst.


Q: I’m currently travelling around the world, you know, trying to find myself before the social pressures of having to establish a career, meet someone, settle down, buy a house and start a family set in. Does Summerheart ship internationally?

A: We hear you loud and clear, girl. And, because we’re all about that Eat. Pray. Love. kind of life, we’re more than happy to send the Summerheart bikini of your dreams to whatever exotic corner of the world your soul-searching takes you. You may just have to wait a little longer for its grand arrival (more than 10 days, less than 30), but we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find a gorgeous foreigner to keep you busy in the meantime.


Q: Shopping online gives me severe anxiety. What if I order the wrong size? Like, sometimes I’m a medium, but I’m also sometimes a large. And there was that one time that I was a small. But that was only the top. The bottom was a medium. Or was it a large? Help!

A: Don’t worry, sweetheart, you’re not alone: if we had a dime for every time we received a sizing query, we’d be like Sophia Amoruso who? It is the age-old conundrum of online shopping. But we’re here to see you through it. For starters, we have provided a sizing guide, much like the one below, on each product page. 


Size Guide

  6 8 10 12 14
Bust 32/82 34/86 36/91 38/96.5 38/100.5
Waist 24/61 26/66 28/71 30/76 32/81
Hip 34/87 36/92 38/96.5 40/102 42/107
Height 63/160 66/167 68.5/174 71/180 71/180


However, if looking at that table of numbers takes you right back to Mrs Bossert’s Grade 8 Maths class (we get it, you’re not a Maths person, English is more your thing), please don’t break out into cold sweats – we’re more than happy to assist you directly: email us at justask@summerheart.co.za. Don’t panic. Just ask.

Mix and match

Q: OMG, I’m SO done with how totally obsessed I am with your collection. I just can’t decide which bikini to get. I need that Claire top, but the Mary-Jane bottoms have my heart. Is it possible to have the best of both worlds?

A: We like to think of ourselves as the modern-day fairy godmother (think less grey hair, more glitter), and Summerheart is our pumpkin: it is our duty to make your bikini dreams come true. To accommodate all tastes, all preferences and all bodies, of all shades, shapes and sizes, all Summerheart tops and bottoms are sold separately. We want you to feel liberated and empowered to mix ‘n match designs, colours and sizes as your little heart desires. Want a small Daisy Liquorice top with a large Scarlett Taffy bottom? Girl, it’s all yours.